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Corporate Social Responsibility

01 January 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility

Stars Microelectronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited is committed to conducting its business under good corporate governance and business ethics. The company also cares about the environment and society. It is always conscious of its accountability for the society. The company thinks of its stakeholders, both internal and external, who include shareholders, employees, customers, the communities and the society at large. This will lead to sustainable business development. Concerning the corporate social responsibility or CSR, the company believes that the strength and sustainable development of the surrounding communities are an important factor favorable to its business. BangPa-In District, Ayutthaya Province where the company is located, is home to the company because it is a member of this community and society. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to creating products, beneficial to its business and environmentally friendly to the earth, making it a good citizen of the world. That is, its business can co-exist with our planet. The company has adopted the following CSR policy:

Regarding the communities and society

  1. The company will survey and check whether its business and future projects will cause a negative impact on the neighboring communities and the overall society, near and far, and assess the extent of the impact. The company will consider the findings, rectify and improve its operations to prevent such an untoward effect on and damage to the communities and the society, both direct and indirect.
  2. The company will support volunteer activities that develop the communities and society.
  3. The company will help protect and maintain a pleasant environment in the communities and society.
  4. The company will support the society and communities in having adequate basic infrastructure.
  5. The company will support and take part in activities benefiting the public.

Regarding the environment

  1. The company will create and produce products not harmful to the earth.
  2. The company will adapt to suitable manufacturing processes to minimize the impact on the environment.
  3. The company will promote recycling used materials.
  4. The company will share environmental information and support activities, both within and outside the country, that are beneficial to the environment.
  5. The company will improve the environmental management in a rigorous and continual manner

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